All Revenue Intelligence Platforms are NOT Created EquaI

6 Ways to Create a Predictable Pipeline with InsightSquared

Activity Capture

Get complete visibility into every deal with no manual data entry, ever.

Conversational Intelligence

Call recordings, fully automated transcriptions and analytics on every conversation.

Interactive Reporting

No more spreadsheets. Real-time predictive forecasting through machine learning.

Guided Selling

Coaching recommendations for your sales team based on your most current data.

RevOps Dashboards

Instantly generate customizable reports and dashboards for all key revenue performance metrics.

AI Sales Forecasting

A 360° view of every risk, upside and movement in your pipeline.

Know exactly where, why and how you win.

So you can replicate your best deals down to the smallest engagement, no matter the size of your pipeline.

Client Reviews

"InsightSquared is a crucial Sales Analytics tool. It makes it possible to answer any question I have while also prompting me to ask questions I hadn't thought of yet."

G2 Review

"InsightSquared is incredibly intuitive to use immediately. Any time I'm frustrated with reporting and dashboarding in Salesforce I know I can get a better answer faster by using InsightSquared."

G2 Review

"Insight Squared was recommended to me by a board member at least six years ago and I've used them at every company since. It saves minimally 10 hours a month in sales ops/ reporting to the executive team and board. Additionally it highlights visually the deals that are falling out of the likely strike zone to close."

G2 Review

"InsightSquared is delivering on that elusive combination of sales and marketing analytics bringing us closer to a true single source of the truth all while delivering excellent CS, an easy implementation, and a beautiful UI!"

G2 Review