Analyze your reps’ LinkedIn Sales Navigator activities with ease

Identify the insights that improve sales execution

Get deep visibility into how reps are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, evaluated in context with other sales activities to identify actionable insights and ultimately make better decisions.

  1. Monitor trends in activities
  2. Understand how many InMails are sent vs Accepted
  3. Know how many InMails it takes to generate a meeting

Unlock hidden coaching opportunities

By understanding rep actions within LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales managers can benchmark activity, identify patterns and outliers, and scale best practices to improve outcomes.

  1. Monitor rep Activity vs Goals
  2. Compare rep Activity levels across team
  3. Track ramping reps separately than tenured employees to ensure they are engaging with the right activities

Integrate and optimize sales activity

Analyze trends, set benchmarks and view your team’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting data with powerful out-of-the-box analytics.

  1. See Sales Navigator activities alongside other prospecting activities like calls and emails
  2. Track progress with exec-level dashboards
  3. Help reps monitor their own performance

Get Started with InsightSquared + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Before you begin:

  • Be sure to have the email address and password for your company's LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.
  • You must have a Sales Navigator Enterprise Plan and Sales Navigator administrator or reporting permissions.
  • You must also have InsightSquared’s Sales Analytics Package and InsightSquared administrator permissions.

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